Tuesdays are terrific, not terrible


Tuesdays are terrific, not terrible

Shake off Monday blues with #TerrificTuesdays unlimited night riding!

Unlimited night riding from 3pm till 9pm, only for $50.

-Valid for System C only


So here’s how your 2017 workout schedule might look like:

Gym on Mondays, Cable-ski on Tuesdays, rest on Wednesdays, Cable-ski on Thursdays and Fridays with our ongoing promos and partnerships (stay tuned for updates!) and finally chill at our cafe, Coastal Rhythm on weekends!

See you guys at the Park!


Viv is a fitness addict. When she’s not out there wakeboarding and promoting the sport to everyone she meets, she’s in the gym training or teaching/doing yoga. Or, she’s hiding at Coastal Rhythm catching up with emails.