Air Trick Clinic 29 April: Learn How to Get Air


Air Trick Clinic 29 April: Learn How to Get Air

Air Trick Clinics are designed with Mark Griffin and Alexius Pek to enable you to understand the pull of the cable, how to work with the tension to launch yourself into the air – safely. Check out the video for an idea of how our clinics are like:

After this clinic, we promise that you will go away with better understanding of how to build cable tension in your riding, and have more things to try each time you return to the Park. Master your air raley this year and sign-up below!

Date: 29 April 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 9.30am – 11.30am (registration and briefing at 9.00am)

Price: $88* for public, $30 for members (includes 2-hour riding pass + coaching)

Open to the public and experienced riders

10 Slots available for sign-up based on first come first serve basis

Sign-up by filling the form below

*Not to be used in conjunction with 50-Hour passes, riding vouchers and other promotions

Do note that the clinic is open to riders aged 16 years old and above.


Please fill in the form below to hold your slot. Our crew will get back to you with an email acknowledgement and steps to confirm your sign-up.


The crew at Singapore Wake Park is your ear in to what goes on at the Park. Sometimes we look like we aren’t smiling, but that’s because the sun’s too glaring and we have to squint. We are really friendly!