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                                26th January 2019 (Sat)

SWP welcomes 2019 with a fun wakeboard & wakeskate obstacles competition for the riding community.

Witness slick moves and exhilarating air time by up-and-coming grommets, weekend warriors and some of the best
wakeboarders and wakeskaters in Singapore & around the region as they slug it out on a variety of obstacles,
with the aim of bagging prizes from Redbull, Wakemusters, Ryders, Maxout, Wake Conspiracy
and the ultimate bragging rights of putting on the SWP exclusive high grade crystal Winner Medal!

Highlights include demo riding from Slingshot rider James Windsor, guest emcee DUP rider C-Lo, Guest DJ’s and an After-Party you won’t forget.

It’s not just a comp. It’s a fiesta for awesome people!
You wouldn’t miss this event for the world!

There will be a total of 8 categories for the fun competition.
UPDATED Categories & Fees with status

_Basic Tricks (1)

Registration fee includes Event T-Shirt & a SLINGSHOT After-Party BBQ Dinner (Worth $38+++)
All Categories are capped at 12 competitors. (Subject to changes)
Registration is CLOSED.

Riding Format:

Each category will consist of  a Qualifying, Semi-Final (if necessary)  & a Final Round.

Qualifying round will consist of  2 to 3 heats with maximum 4 to 6 riders in each heat.

Top 2 or 3 riders from each heat will advance into the Semi-Final (if necessary) or Final Round.

Qualifying, Semi-Final (if necessary) & Final Round will each consists of 2 separate runs, with the best run scored.

Each run will start from the starting dock, complete 1 lap around the course and end at the kickers.

If a rider falls during the run, that will be the end of the run.

Riders will be judged based on their Flair, Intensity, Variation & Execution.



For enquiries on the competition, kindly call SWP hotline @ +65 66364266 or email to