Colors Season Passes

Calling all hardcore & chronic wakeboarders who simply just can’t get enough of water time (and us😊)
Either for a short, mid or long term unlimited riding on all systems at Singapore Wake Park, the SWP COLORS Season Passes will be just what you are looking for.

And for a limited time, we will be giving an introductory offer of 10% discount on the 365 One Year Season Pass only.
It will work out to be S$2635.20, which translates to S$220 per month, interpreted to S$50 per week and simplified to about $7 per day!
Not to mention the appetizing 20% discount privilege at our Coastal Rhythm Cafe & Bar and personal board storage entitlement which is not included in other passes.

Early Bird Offer! (2)


Introductory offer ends on 21st April 2019.
Call us at 6636-4266 if you have any enquiries on our season passes.

Your continuous support would be invaluable to our continuing efforts to improve & upgrade. New obstacles anyone? 👍🏻

We sincerely apologize for not able to include board storage privilege for all the other passes due to storage space constraint.