Singapore Wake Park

Singapore Wake Park

Park’s status this week:

  • 25th Feb, Saturday | 10am – 12pm: 10 Pax Birthday booking. 1 system & main cable still available for walk-ins.
About Singapore Wake Park

Wake up to life by the lagoon at the Singapore Wake Park, the only cable-ski park facility in Singapore offering knee-boarding, wakeboarding, wakeskating and double-skis ‘cable-style‘.  What’s more, you can do these both in the daytime and night time any day of the week, in a safe enclosed body of water.


This is a space for you to learn a new sport, get your adrenaline fix, eat well, and hang out with family and friends.


With a full-sized cable system and two System 2.0s,  water-sports enthusiasts and riders of any level can enjoy and challenge themselves at the Park. We have introductory sessions for children and beginners, as well as obstacles for the advanced riders to push their limits.


A cafe and bar, shower and locker facilities, cable-ski equipment, and The Shop @ SWP provides you everything you will need for a day at the Park including equipment, apparel and accessories. Free wireless connectivity in the Park’s vicinity is also available to those who are always on the go.



Choose day or night riding, challenge yourself on obstacles at the full-sized cable system, or perfect a trick on the System 2.0. Find out what the Park has in store for riders here.


Buy a pass before riding. We have prices that cater to your budget and schedule. Click here to see prices and rates.


We have got all you need for a comfortable experience at the Park, from showers and lockers to equipment ready for you to start cable-skiing. Click here to read more.

Getting Started

Any beginner who has never tried this in their life will be able to learn this in a short period of time (about 1 to 2 hours) with ease and confidence.
Psych yourself up by reading up all about the sport before coming down to the Park! You will find out what you will be doing, and how to prepare yourself for it.

Latest News

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri 10am - 10pm
Sat, Sun, P.H. 9am - 10pm

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Singapore Wake Park

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