Beginners & Children

Those who have never tried cable-skiing before are now able to master the technique of standing up on a board with ease and confidence. Learning with the beginner system is a gentle and safe approach to your first cable-ski experience.




Anybody from as young as six years old and seniors can give cable-skiing a shot as long as participants are confident and able to move in water with a life-jacket, and are physically fit.


System 2.0 for Beginners


This cable system is great for anyone – adult or child – learning to kneeboard or stand on the wakeboard. The System 2.0 caters for only one person at a time hence creating a safe learning environment where the instructor focuses only on one rider each time.

The speed of this cable is adjustable, which makes learning how to stand on a wakeboard easier, and it also means gentle falls. It’s perfect for young children and those just starting out on the wakeboard.


All riders must fill in and sign the the Liability Waiver Form in person before they ride. Minors who are below 16 years old will need their parent/guardian above 21 years old to sign the waiver form in person on their behalf.

All riders must bring along an identification document/card when they visit the Park.

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