Terms & Conditions

Singapore Wake Park provides a range of activities for riders of varying levels and experience. All riders and visitors who visit Singapore Wake Park must, in addition to abiding by our rules, exercise your own judgement when riding on the cable systems and experiencing the features that we have provided for your enjoyment.


If a visitor or rider has any questions or concerns, please consult with one of our friendly staff members. Below are our Park’s rules and regulations to ensure all visitors enjoy the park in a safe and responsible manner. By entering on the SWP premises you are deemed to have accepted our rules and regulations, terms and conditions of the Liability Waiver you would have completed before riding.


All first-time riders to Singapore Wake Park will have to sign the Liability Waiver Form.

Entry to the Park is free for spectators, who may lounge at our open spaces, grab a bite to eat or drink from Coastal Rhythm, the Park’s bistro.


All park tickets include the essentials: a mandatory buoyancy vest, helmet, a wakeboard or kneeboard. Check in at our Shop to buy your pass and get a safety briefing, and basic instructions before you ride.


Conditions of Entry:

1) Participants cannot participate in the Park’s activities unless they have signed a Liability Waiver Form to be held on file by SWP. If a participant is under 16, their legal parent or guardian must accept and sign the document in the presence of a SWP employee.

2) Children below the age of 6 are to be accompanied by their parents at all times.

3) Swimming knowledge is recommended but not a must.

4) Anyone suffering or undergoing the following will not allowed on the cable ways:

(i) Severe Asthma

(ii)Heart Problems


(iv)Recent Surgery

(v)Broken Bones


(vii)Mental Disability/Disorder

5) Should any participant be found to be acting in conduct that is dangerous to other users of the cable ways, intoxicated, under the influence of abusive substances and drugs will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

6) A helmet, a personal floatation device (PFD) must be worn at all times while in the lagoon and the cable ways. Participants refusing to follow this condition will not be allowed on the cable ways.

7) All house equipment is to be treated with care and not to be used on the obstacles/features in the lake, dragged on the ground or otherwise mistreated. Should a piece of equipment fail due to misuse, the Singapore Wake Park will charge a replacement fee to the user.

8) Participants are not allowed to ride tandem (two attached to a single carrier).

9) When feeling unwell or in need of medical assistance, participants are to alert any of the Singapore Wake Park’s staff members who will administer First Aid or alert ambulance services in the case where professional treatment is required.

10) When lightning is detected within a 10km radius from Singapore Wake Park, all activities shall be temporarily suspended and participants are to seek shelter until further notice from the Singapore Wake Park staff.

11) It is the sole responsibility of the participants and public users of the Singapore Wake Park facilities to look after and secure their personal items and belongings. Singapore Wake park staff will not be responsible for any theft or loss of unattended items.

12) Abusive, aggressive and obstructive behavior will not be tolerated at SWP and will lead to ejection from the park.

13) All participants are to heed the Singapore Wake Parks policies and procedures. All staff reserve the right to remove a person from the facility should the participant pose threat or danger to himself or others.

14) Fishing in the lagoon is not allowed.